Welcome to Sarah's Maternity Services

Providing expert care for you and your baby

Welcome to Sarah's Maternity Services

Providing expert care for you and your baby


About Sarah

Services provided


  • Antenatal preparation classes - both for groups and individual couples. 
  • Hypnobirthing tuition.
  • Early postnatal support in the home.
  • Maternity Nursing.
  • Baby Massage.
  • Breast feeding support.
  • "Surrogate Granny" Service.

Sarah Bodily


  • Qualified Nurse and Midwife with over 30 years experience in care of mothers and their newborn.
  • Diploma in Hypnobirthing instruction.
  • Qualified Maternity Nurse.
  • Diploma in baby massage tuition.
  • Breast feeding certification
  • Courses in care of twins and pre-term infants
  • BSc (First Class) Health Studies Degree

Additional Information


Sarah has been working as a community midwife in South Lincolnshire since 1999. She has recently retired and wishes to share her expertise with you on your journey into parenthood.

  • Fully Qualified.
  • DBS checked.
  • Insured.
  • Paediatric first aid certificate.
  • Attended many certificated courses

Available Services


ANtenatal classes - Group

Antenatal classes are excellent for helping couples to prepare for the birth of their baby. These are held in Stamford and Rutland.


Individual antenatal preparation

These antenatal preparation sessions are held within your own home and are tailored to your individual requirements.



I am a qualified KG Hypnobirthing instructor and can provide a structured programme of relaxation to aid you in pregnancy and during the birth process.  KGH is a complete antenatal/labour programme for pregnant women and their birth partners. It involves giving you a positive perspective of the birthing process by helping to influence your unconscious beliefs, releasing fears and negative thoughts and replacing them with positive images.  


Early DAys Postnatal Support

Sometimes in those early days you may feel you need a little extra support, advice and guidance about the care of your baby. Sarah can provide this support for you in your home within the Stamford and Rutland area.


Maternity Nurse

Sarah is a fully qualified Maternity Nurse. She can provide 12 hour or 24 hour one to one care within your home. This is not only available to women of Stamford and Rutland but can be provided nationwide.


"Surrogate" Granny

Because sometimes you need an extra pair of hands !

Many grandparents now live a distance away from you and your new baby or are still working fulltime. The "Surrogate Granny" service can help fill this gap providing advice, support, help with singletons or twins and babysitting to enable you to rest or attend vital appointments without the baby.


Breast Feeding Support

There are many benefits  or breast feeding for both mothers and babies. Sometimes in the early days things do not go as smoothly as you wish. If you are needing a little extra support then Sarah can provide this within your home in the Stamford and Rutland area.


Baby Massage

A fabulous way to enhance bonding with your baby, reduce the risk of postnatal depression, enhance your baby's development and growth and to provide a social interaction for mums and babies. Classes held in Stamford and Oakham.


All enquiries welcomed. Gift Certificates available. Please email for details

Gift certificates make excellent  "New Baby" presents or "Baby Shower" gifts.  The new Mum can then spend it as she wishes once the baby arrives. We can provide a certificate for any amount you wish from £10-£100 and can personalise it with Parent's/Baby's names if you let us know. These can be posted to the parents directly if you wish or sent to you to be given at a time you feel is special.

Contact Sarah's Maternity Services

Contact Sarah any day between 

07:00 and 22:00

If you require night-time services for feeding support or  help settling your baby into a routine this must be requested before 22:00 on the day required.

contact details

Mobile 07795 998419

Home 01780 410777


Sarah is always happy to discuss your individual requirements. With more than 30 years midwifery experience she is an expert at suggesting  solutions and providing a calm, relaxing and rewarding consultation.

Please do not hesitate to ask.