Individual Antenatal Preparation

Completely personal to you


The benefit of individual one-to-one antenatal preparation sessions is that you have a tailor made package, presented to you in the comfort of your own home. Therefore you only learn about things you want to know about.  A "menu" of topics is emailed to you for you to select from. A programme is then individually made for you. 

Generally 1-2 session of 2-3 hours is enough dependant on your needs. Sessions can be started early in the pregnancy if you have anxieties about the birth process but generally most couples will choose to start after 28 weeks gestation.

At a time to suit you


I can be flexible regarding days and times for your preparation sessions.

Not all sessions need to be on the same day of the week or at the same time. This helps those who regularly work shifts or are working away from home frequently.

An added benefit of home sessions is that if you are planning to have more than one birth partner then all parties can attend your antenatal preparation sessions.



The sessions are costed at £25/hour.

This includes 

My travel to your house (if you live within 15 miles of Stamford).

Some written information on subjects covered.

I am DBS checked, Insured and hold a paediatric first aid certificate. I have attended seminars and conferences about antenatal preparation, waterbirth and natural labour.

For further information contact Sarah


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