"Surrogate Granny" Service


Why is this service Available ?

Sometimes you just need a little extra help once Dad has gone back to work after paternity leave. With many grandparents now living a distance away from you and your new baby or if they are still working fulltime they are not always able to support you as much as they , or you, would like. The "Surrogate Granny" service can help fill this gap providing advice, support, help with twins and babysitting to enable you to rest or attend vital appointments without the baby.


what services are offered ?

Because I am a qualified Maternity Nurse with insurance and a DBS check I can change nappies, babysit,  feed baby and settle them to sleep, provide advice and support or take sole charge of the baby whilst you have a rest or attend appointments. In addition I can run the vacuum around, wash up, do some laundry or even walk the dog so you are able to spend precious time with the baby. I would happily accompany you to baby groups if you feel a little worried about attending the first time on your own. Basically I will do things you would ask a trusted Granny to do !



This service is provided in your home.

Minimum session is 2 hours. 

Initial 2 hours of any visit                  £42

Further hours during that visit  £18/hr

If you need to be away from home for a longer period eg with work, to attend a wedding or just for a weekend away as a couple to recharge your batteries, I can take sole charge of your baby whilst you are away. Call me for a quote

Contact Details

Mobile 07795 998419

Home (01780) 410777

Email Info@sarahsmaternityservices.co.uk