Breast Feeding Support


What are Sarah's breast feeding qualifications ?

Sarah has more than 30 years breast feeding experience as a midwife working in both hospital and community settings. She holds qualifications in "Advanced Breast Feeding Skills" and "Breastfeeding Skills for Preterm and Multiple Babies".  

Breast feeding is a special time to spend with your baby with many health benefits for both mum and baby. Sometimes, in the early days, things are not straightforward though. Sarah can help you to recognise feeding cues, promote good positioning and attachment and discuss with you "normal" baby behaviour when feeding. Please see the Antenatal Preparation Class information for breast feeding instruction pre -birth for 2 hours at £60.

what issues can Sarah help with

Sarah will see you in your own home environment where you are most relaxed. She has knowledge about

  • Breast feeding single and multiple babies
  • Breast feeding cues
  • "Usual" feeding patterns
  • Assessing positioning and attachment at the breast to avoid or correct sore nipples and maintain lactation
  • Hand and pump expressing
  • Transitioning baby's from the bottle to the breast
  • Increasing milk supply
  • Storage of expressed breast milk
  • Managing breast refusal
  • Assess baby's behaviour during feeds to diagnose feeding problems
  • Knowing where/when to get more specialist help if needed eg if tongue tie is suspected to be causing feeding problems.


Minimum session is 2 hours. 

Initial 2 hours of any visit                  £42

Further hours during that visit  £18/hr

I am happy to provide feeding support in the night but this is by prior arrangement before 10pm on the day required.

Contact Details

Mobile 07795 998419

Home (01780) 410777