What is hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing (KGH)  is a complete antenatal/labour preparation programme for expectant parents, either in a group or individual basis, to help them efficiently prepare for labour and birth. It involves giving a positive perspective of the birthing process by helping to influence unconscious beliefs, releasing fears and negative thoughts and replacing them with positive images. This is done using positive affirmations, and daily practice of relaxation techniques and listening to scripts read by a trusted birth partner in preparation for the birth. KGH has been shown to reduce the discomfort of labour, shorten labour times and give more control, choice and confidence to women for a calm birth with good communication with caregivers. 

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Benefits are evident for the Mother, Father and Baby.


  •  Feelings of control and calmness
  • Less cortisol stress hormone released permitting the body to remain relaxed
  • Increased oxytocin (labour) hormone released promoting release of the natural pain relieving endogenous morphine (also known as Endorphins)
  • Less additional pain relief required
  • Shorter labour
  • Effectively used with water birthing for added relaxation  
  • KGH trained midwives are available at Peterborough City Hospital to support you during labour


  • Confident and relaxed as he is informed about birth process
  • Enriched relationship with the Mother
  • Promotes bonding between father and baby


  • As a result of the antenatal preparation baby is encouraged to present to the pelvis in the best way prior to labour starting
  • Born into a calm relaxed atmosphere
  • Baby is alert as less circulating drugs present in their body
  • Calm relaxed parents are more likely to bond well with baby

Sarah has a hypnobirthing teaching diploma issued by KGH, is DBS check and insured.  Sessions can be run in small groups or more commonly within your home on a one-to-one basis. 

The usual course of classes is four sessions of approximately 2 hours each.

Most couples will start sessions at around 28 weeks gestation and these can be arranged around your own schedule, if having one-to-one sessions, but usually they are on a weekly or fortnightly basis


The cost of the course is for

  • Four 2 hour sessions of instruction and relaxation
  • KGH book to reinforce/support lessons taught
  • Relaxation CD or MP3 download
  • Parents training course pack containing relaxation scripts and practical tips
  • My travel to your home (within 30 miles of Stamford)

COST £300

contact details

Sarah is happy to advise regarding classes

Mobile 07795 998419

Home (01780) 410777

Email Info@sarahsmaternityservices.co.uk

For further information on KGH visit www.kghypnobirthing.com